Ecologists Without Borders
For a world without waste!

Together we can move frontiers faster

Our mission is to activate and connect individuals, communities, policy makers and businesses to reduce waste while improving well-being. We achieve that by exposing new themes, producing data and creating good practice examples that further stimulate change.

Major successes

Our Vision: The world without waste

Očistimo Slovenijo v enem dnevu!

Let's clean up Slovenia in a day!

Largest volunteer project ever

  • 2 campaigns
  • 2x 14% of the population
  • 20,000 tons of waste
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Zero Waste Slovenia

Zero Waste

No burn, no bury

  • 16 municipalities with ZW plans
  • 25% of the population
  • 20 ventures optimized
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Bag on bag: plastic monster

Waste reduction projects

Leading by example

  • 26 campaigns
  • 11 waste flows
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Ways to help

There is only so much work and energy one can fit into a day, while on the other hand the need for environmental change is still rising. Come and help us catch up!

We are looking for volunteers in various topical areas, so check out the next few tabs and shoot us an email.

We are seeking help from designers to enrich our messages and open new channels.
If you can draw, paint, edit, do video; web, service or game design, you can make a difference.

Modern technology is a bottomless well. Come and help us drink from it.
Our uses center around web, GIS and OpenData, so if you can code or analyze, come and join our team.

Much of our work relies on efficient and meaningful communication. If you have a knack for storytelling or research, let us know!

Awesome, we hope you're having a blast! Let us know if you want to meet or help with our real-life events. We also regularly mentor students from a variety of countries.

Let us know if you have anything special in mind. If you don't identify with any of the above, you can always help us by promoting our work and/or donating.


Ecologists without Borders is a non-profit founded in 2009 and one of the leading Slovenian NGOs dedicated to improving the state of our environment — focusing on efficient resource use and active citizenship.

Most of our activities deal with waste at its source, but not all are limited to Slovenia. We're an active member of Zero Waste Europe, Let's do it world!, Break Free From Plastic and some other networks.

Together we can move faster, come and join us!


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